Georgios E. Dafoulas

Chief Medical Officer of the PYTheIA Competence Center, Clinical Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Thessaly, Greece

Georgios E. Dafoulas was a specialist in Internal Pathology at the Medical Center of the Department of Medicine, EKPA, with a three-month post-graduate training in Diabetes Mellitus (Queen Elisabeth University Hospital, Birmingham, Britain). He is a graduate of the AUTH School of Medicine, with an MBA in Health Services Management (HSM) from Nottingham Trent University and an Academic Scholar in Digital Diagnostics and Therapeutics at the Department of Medicine, University of Thessaly.

He has worked as a clinical coordinator in large-scale multicenter clinical studies of European eHealth programs as well as in research on big data analysis of electronic medical records and e-prescribing.

He has been retrained at the University of Birmingham, UK, and CSAIL of MIT, Boston, USA, in clinical applications of electronic health and has worked as a scientific associate ELKE of the School of Medicine of EKPA, in multicenter clinical studies of European programs for the prevention and treatment of DM .

G. E. Dafoulas is a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society for the Study of Health Informatics Applications (EEMEPY), Deputy Special Secretary for Health Services of the Scientific Council of the Hellenic Health Informatics Association (ESPY) and has been a member of committees for electronic health issues of the Ministry of Health.

He has also been (2017-2019) a regular member of the Electronic Health – Cross-Border Care Sector of IEE-PIS and is an expert of the Health Committee of KEDE. In 2021 he worked as Medical Officer of EHTEL and is the Chief Medical Officer of the PYTheIA Competence Center for Digital Health and the Innovation Sprint.