Ioannis Amarantidis

Horizon Grants Expert - Senior Project Manager at Democritus University of Thrace

Ioannis is a seasoned professional with a remarkable ability to excel at both strategic and operational levels without losing focus. He thrives as a valuable member of a highly competent and close-knit team, where team effort, strong collaboration, and shared responsibility drive success. Ioannis holds key coordination and leadership roles in international collaborative projects, while also providing essential technical and administrative support across all project development and implementation phases. His expertise extends to the coordination and management of Horizon funding instrument, which includes the following types IA, RIA, CSA, and PCP. Notably, Ioannis has actively contributed to 6 major Horizon 2020 projects as well as is actively participating in a Digital Europe project and other national, regional, and cross-border initiatives. Furthermore, Ioannis possesses valuable experience in devising, implementing, and evaluating policies and strategies, such as the Smart Specialisation Strategy and the Common Agricultural Policy. Since 2016, Ioannis is associated with an impressive track record, achieving a 70% success rate in securing funding from Horizon projects, totalling over €8 million. Additionally, he has established collaborations with more than 200 active networks and partners across Europe.