Iris Arweiler

Scientific Business Developer-EarDiTech EIC Transition beneficiary

Iris Arweiler is an audiologist by training and holds a PhD in Electronics and Communication from the Technical University of Denmark. She has been studying and working in various fields related to hearing for 25 years. Before starting her PhD, she worked as a validation engineer at Phonak, a hearing aid manufacturer, in Switzerland and as a research scientist at Advanced Bionics, a cochlear implant manufacturer, in Germany. She joined Ghent University in 2022 for the EIC Transition Project EarDiTech which focuses on the development of early hearing diagnostics and augmented hearing technologies. Iris Arweiler has followed the progress of hearing health care over a long period of time and she is now excited to finally bring this very novel and promising technology from lab to market to take a step beyond standard hearing care.