Lampros Kourtis

Lampros is a scientist-entrepreneur currently serving as the CSO at Chronicles Health, a clinical decision support digital program for Crohn’s and Colitis patients. He is also working with the ADDF on supporting technology initiatives in Alzheimer Disease, leading the SpeechDx program to create a reference dataset for speech and language. In the past, he has served as a partner at Velocity Partners, a micro-VC firm investing in early stage Healthtech startups. He serves on the BoD of Anodyne Nanotech, Serg Technologies, and Chronicles Health. Previously, he cofounded biotech startups Hyalex Orthopaedics, Biomimedica and Enzyquest, raising over $50M for them and leading or supporting them from concept to clinical application. More recently, Lampros has become an Adjunct Professor at Tufts School of Medicine. He holds a PhD from Stanford University and a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Aristoteles University. He is a co-inventor in over 30 patents in the fields of biomaterials, medical devices and methods and has published several articles including the most cited article at Nature Digital Medicine to date.