Michail Papadourakis

Senior R&D Scientist, Pharmacist PhD

Michail Papadourakis graduated in Pharmacy from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2017. He then pursued his PhD in drug design in the group of Prof. J. Michel at the University of Edinburgh focussing on devising alchemical free energy protocols to compute binding free energies of protein-ligand complexes. After obtaining his PhD in 2021, he was granted a Bodossaki scholarship to join the group of Z. Cournia as a postdoctoral researcher to develop candidate drugs for proteins related to cancer using Molecular Dynamics simulations and alchemical free energy calculations. He is currently working as a senior R&D scientist at Cloudpharm PC, where he applies his expertise on computer-aided drug design on the discovery of bioactive compounds and next generation food supplements.