Sotiris Anagnostis

Director of Innovation and Marketing at Pytheia Competence Center

Internationally recognized innovator and leader in the field of digitization and artificial intelligence

Over 20 years of experience in 3 key industry sectors:

– Tourism
– Telecommunications
– Healthcare

In the field of tourism:

Created and promoted innovative solutions that improve the experience of travelers worldwide.

With his company CloudRoam Ltd based in Uk since 2012, invented Pantoo, a smart watch-phone that allows travelers to make calls and access the internet around the world at very low cost.

Author of three educational programs on the digitization of the tourism industry. (esales, emarketing, online reputation management).

2 times (2012-2013) invited as a key note speaker at the IATO annual conventions by the Indian Association Tour Operators to talk for his sessions: Always Connected Travelers.

In the field of telecommunications and tourism:

Developed innovative technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of business-to-traveler communications as well as their security.

In the field of health care:

Invited to accelerate the more efficient digitization of health based on his knowledge in the digital transformation of tourism and telecommunications.

Focused on the development of special technological solutions for the education and training of the involved parts of the medical community.

Current projects include:

– Platform for digital twins of patients.
– Development of augmented reality training applications.
– Developing training programs for healthcare professionals on how to use artificial intelligence.
– Development of applications to control the waiting time of patients and attendants in public and private health structures as well as for more efficient incident management.

Also since 2015, held high-level marketing director positions in tourism, education companies and now at the Pytheia Competence Center. Dedicated to applying technology to improve people’s lives.