Vagelis Stamatiadis

Director of Informatics at the 5th Health Region of Central Greece

He is a Computer Systems Engineer with a master’s degree in Information & Communication Systems and Enterprise Architecture, and a PhD candidate at the University of Thessaly, Business Administration Department. From 1998 to 2001 he worked at FORTHnet SA ISP as a Systems & Network Engineer. From 2001 to 2003 he worked as an ICT Engineer at TEI of Larisa. From 2003 to this day he works at the 5th Health Region of Central Greece, at the position of Director of Informatics (since 2009). He holds professional certifications in Cloud Infrastructure management, Digital & Organizational Transformation methodologies and Enterprise Architecture frameworks. He has been teaching at the National Center of Public Administration & Local Government since 2004.

He has more than 24 years of experience in the management and administration of large-scale ICT projects, 19 of which in the health ecosystem. In 2011 he designed and created the first Electronic Procurement Information System through which the 5th Health Region implemented their hospital’s procurement program during the 2011 – 2013 period, with significant economic and resource benefits for the Greek Ministry of Health. In 2012 he designed and implemented the Ministry’s electronic registry of real estate properties (eProperty) which provided a unified way for every hospital and health center in the country to centrally manage their properties online. He has implemented a significant number of methods for the organizational transformation of the Health Region and Health Organizations, and their gradual digital transformation. He was a founding member of the Ministry’s Special Working Groups for the development of National E-Health Interoperability Framework (2021), and since then he is one of the main Delegates of the Ministry of Health in the Joint Action for Cybersecurity between Greece and Israel. He is the chairman of the Central Working Group responsible for the implementation of the new system for categorizing and determining the hospitalization costs (DRG), and from 2022 he is the IPT Leader of the National Project for the implementation of the Radiology Information System / Picture Archiving & Communication System (RIS/PACS) for all hospitals and health centers in Greece.

From 2009 he is the Chief Scientific Officer of the european research projects for e-health in the 5th Health Region, in sectors like telemedicine / telecare, cybersecurity and integrated care (RENEWING HEALTH, SUSTAINS, United4Health, SPHINX, SHAPES, Procure4Health, CS-AWARE-NEXT), which have set the base and specifications for EU’s Digital Health Agenda.