Ainigma Technologies

Ainigma Technologies is an AI-focused SME developing applications for the healthcare sector based on big data analytics. The company was founded by an experienced team of researchers consisted of biomedical engineers, software engineers, medical doctors, and business developers. The team of Ainigma Technologies maintains a long track record in implementing data-driven research focused on various medical diseases, such as colorectal cancer predictions, sarcopenia monitoring, epileptic seizure detection, early diagnosis of brain damage based on MRI scans, functional and effective connectivity analysis, early sepsis detection and solutions to tackle antimicrobial resistance. Ainigma is a product-oriented tech company with its main goal to exploit and drive all previous research towards commercialization. Our core business is to unveil hidden insights from large datasets (Big and Very Big Data) utilizing AI and big data analytics techniques. The means to discover new patterns and transform the data into valuable intelligence is implemented by the development of innovative AI algorithms. This step is followed by the presentation of the results in personalized visualization dashboards enabling data-based decision support to experts. The vision of the company is to finalize the development of our products and reach the market based on our already established exploitation strategy.