JOIST Innovation Park

JOIST Innovation Park develops a phygital ecosystem that fosters innovation and knowledge transfer through a powerful network across Europe. With the motto “Empowering Innovators Everywhere”, the Innovation Park ensures that its community is empowered and its members’ ideas are turned into action and thrive.

JOIST offers a wide range of services and spaces for learning, networking, collaboration, play, events and growth. It enhances knowledge distribution and management, entrepreneurial spirit, business impact and outcomes, creates collaborative networks, contributes to local community development and inspires pupils, students and youth.

JOIST Innovation Park is the port of call for academic institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, scientists, innovation enthusiasts and anyone interested in developing new ideas, products, and services.

European Digital Innovation Hub Health Hub

The Health Hub is a European Digital Innovation Hub for the Digital Transformation of the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector, as well as the entire Healthcare Ecosystem, through the use of Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. 

Having received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, the Health Hub offers integrated services to businesses and public sector organisations. Its services are divided into four categories: Pre-investment testing, training and digital skills development programmes, support services in finding investors and investment capital, and multiple networking opportunities and access to the innovation ecosystem. 

The Health Hub’s ecosystem consists of more than 2,000 organisations, is projected to serve 1 million users through its products and services, and it provides support to over 100 organizations in their digital transformation process.